Sports Nutrition

Proper nutrition forms the foundation upon which sports performance is built. Without a good nutrition program, every aspect of your physical and mental abilities will decline. Everything from your level of hydration to the timing of your carbohydrate intake will drastically affect performance. The body simply cannot perform or function optimally without the building blocks of proper nutrition. Muscles cannot build, repair and become stronger without enough complete protein. The bodies ability to endure a grueling pace for hours on end is highly dependent on its glycogen stores. Additionally, your ability to train and practice for a sport is dependent on your nutrition. If your nutrition program is filled with holes, you aren’t going to be able to practice and train at the intensity and duration that is needed in order to become the best. Too many people neglect the importance of nutrition. Don’t make this mistake because, to a certain extent, the outcome of your training and performance is hinged upon it. Nutrition is a variable of performance that you are in complete control of, so take advantage of it!