Pediatric Diet

What is the importance of breast feeding? Breast milk or formula milk? How often to breastfeed? Is your breastfeeding adequate? Which foods to take to boost your breastmilk production? When to start weaning? How to introduce solids to your little one? What weaning foods can I give to my baby? How to make a finicky toddler eat nutritionally sound foods?

TODDLER DIET: Toddlers are extremely picky eaters but this is the optimal time to start children on a healthy pattern of nutrition that can last into adulthood.

DIET FOR SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN: School aged children are growing at a tremendous rate and need healthy, nutritious choices to keep up their energy and optimal growth.

  • Our doctor helps you in preparing healthy meals
  • Using a healthy food pyramid, we get your children to help select menus for the meals, go shopping and assist in meal preparation
  • In this way you can limit the natural fights or arguments that can spring up during meal times.

COMMON CONCERNS IN CHILDHOOD: Obesity, eating junk food and fast foods, eating excessive sugar, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, allergies and intolerances, asthma, all are dealt with here at eat smart diet clinic.